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KIK / Hotel The Strasse

New CD "Hotel The Strasse"

KIK Hotel The Strasse

01. Club Floor
02. Ondol
03. Occupancy
04. Albergo
05. UG(Undesirable Guest)
06. Comps
08. Walk-in
09. Amenity
10. Skipper
11. Mock-up Room
12. Overbooking
13. Rack Rate

Soon KIM (alto sax) Nobuyoshi INO (bass) Yoichiro KITA (trumpet)


A fictional accommodation Hotel The Strasse. Several kinds people from different area who has different story of their own life and those stories might be described with different voices, emotions, feelings. Sax, Trumpet and bass describe those scene. The sound can be people, can be atmosphere, can be felling, can be story teller.


Nobuyoshi Ino on bass;

Well known as great master of Jazz Bassist. He was born in 1950. After pops and rock band career, Joined in Jazz master in Japan Takayanagi "JOJO" Masayuki's Band "New Direction Unit" and inspired by JOJO.
In 1970, performed in Moers Jazz Festival, received highly value.
Since joined in Motohiko Hino Band, He performed and recorded with most musicians in Japan.
From 1980, as his musical sphere of activity was grown, appeared in Berlin Jazz Festival and most Festivals in EU and left great impressions.and then several renown musicians in EU and USA invited him for playing and recording together, including Lester Bowie, Elvin Jones, Alexander Von Schlippenbach, Aki Takase, Axel Donner etc.
Recently, he still performs actively for many projects around the world.

Soon Kim on alto sax;

Born in Japan in 1964. Started playing saxophone at the age of 15.
After graduating from high school, joined various bands playing rock, blues, reggae, and jazz.
Moved to New York in 1987, lived in Harlem (New York) and associated with musicians in Harlem.
While living in New York took lessons from Ornette Coleman and Learned Harmolodic theory.
Moved to New Zealand in 1997 and released CD "Non Transposed Music"(in 1989).
Moved to Germany in 2007 and released CD "SOON KIM TRIO & QUARTET" and "NON-TRANSPOSED SENSE".
Currently formed SOON KIM TRIO and QUARTET are performing music that is a unique combination of Ornette's teaching and own ideas based on it.

Yoichiro Kita on trumpet;

Lives and works in Tokyo / Japan.
He experiments with electronic sounds containing samples of the sounds of the world around us, sounds of nature and musical instruments and rhythms.
He works with the DJ computer software program "Ninja Jockey" and plays the trumpet, including electronic alienations, the piccolo trumpet and the trombone.
In Europe he has become well-known for his performances with the legendary SHIBUSA SHIRAZU ORCHESTRA from Tokyo and for his work with the Japanese dancer Yukino Nono within the group KO-ON-TEN.

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