Wave of visual and auditory, concrete and abstract

KO means light (dance). ON means sound (music). TEN means heaven.
KO-ON-TEN is a unit of Yukino Nono, a dancer, and Yoichiro Kita, a musician using an original DJ soft "Ninja Jockey" and effect trumpet.
They perform totally improvisation.
Light and sound harmonize and express the world of heaven.

KO-ON-TEN LIVE at Sanders Hall in NYC 2004.07.15

VIDEO (Windows Media Video)
Chie-No-Mi(KO-ON-TEN LIVE at Koishikawa Public Library Hall 2003.10.18)

VIDEO (Windows Media Video)
Koishikawa(KO-ON-TEN LIVE at Koishikawa Public Library Hall 2003.10.18)


VIDEO (Windows Media video)
KO-ON-TEN LIVE at WA-ON 2002.11.13

VIDEO (Windows Media 100K)
KO-ON-TEN LIVE at Seimeitai Club 2000.12.25

sound samples (mp3)


Yoichiro Kita

(Ninja Jockey, Trumpet)

Yukino Nono

Released a music CD "Rap Kenpo", the mixture of law and music.
Participated Fedayien German tour. Performed at Moers Jazz Festival.
Participated Fedayien Russia and Lithuania tour. Performed at Vilnius Jazz Festival etc.
Participated Shibusashirazu Orchestra Orchestra Europe tour. Performed at Moers Jazz Festival, Verona Jazz Festival, etc.
Produced Ninja Jockey, started to test the trial version at solo, KO-ON-TEN, and Wa-On Orchestra, etc.
Participated Shibusashirazu Orchestra Europe and Asia tour. Performed at Natt Jazz Festival, Moers Jazz Festival, etc.
Produceed KoOnTen (kita and yukino) Europe and Asia tour. Performed at Xenomusic Festival at Budapest etc.
Participated Shibusashirazu Orchestra Europe tour. Performed at Glastonbury festivals, Moers Jazz Festival, Rudolstadt festival, etc. Participated ChanBand Russia tour.
Produceed New York tour.
Released a music CD "Suginuma Kita DUO".
Produceed Europe tour. Performed at Moers Jazz Festival, etc.

Produceed USA tour.
Produceed Europe tour.

Released a music CD "KITA Ninja Jockey KO-ON-TEN WARSAW LIVE"
Seeking for her original style based on pantomime and butoh.
Performed at Shinjuku Sumitomo Building 55 Square, Sinjuku NS Building, etc.
Participated in some events of modern artG"art in MAYA", Seiji Shimoda, Gozo Hamada, etc.
Produced, directed, and performed at "Three Women's Dance Exhibition vol.1~6".
Collaborated with a Canadian artist, a French musician, and American photographers.
Continueing solo works including outdoor performance.
Recently inspired by noh.
Trying to be an "urban sharman" through practicing Tibetan Budhism.